Traditional Yawanawa Curipi (self applicator) made by Hukena and Nãwãma

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This beautiful bamboo Curipi is made by Hukena Yawanawa and Nãwãma, a sacred instrument.

Hukena and Nãwãma are two strong medicine women that guide medicine ceremonies and work profoundly with the Rapé. They are the founders of Shavorã (Woman in Yawanawa language), an organisation that has as objective to support the empowerment and independency of the women in the tribes by buying and selling their arts and handworks.

The Tepis and Curipis they always make by themselves though, while drinking medicine as within the tradition these are very sacred and powerful spiritual instruments that carry a spirit of their own. Each piece is unique.

Please note that they work with the materials that they have which means that not all of the crystals and stones are real. Both sides have the same design.

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