Yawanawa Putany

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A strong and beautiful Rapé. Re-aligning the body and spirit and connecting you to Spirit. Harmonious and purifying. Sharp and with a bit of an earthy aroma. 

This Rapé is made by Putany, the sister of Hushahu, who is one of the main female spiritual leaders of the Yawanawa tribe and so this rapé really carries the feminine force with it. Like the Yawanawa tradition teaches this Rapé is made by the traditional recipe of native Tobacco and Tsunu ashes. Tsunu ashes give a lot of strength and are very opening and clarifying.

The Yawanawa tribe live along the Gregoria river in the Amazons of Acre, Brazil. Shamanism is a very important part of their culture, honoring the medicine plants and those who know how to work with them deeply. Among the medicines they work with, they say that Rapé is their most important medicine. Rapé gives them protections, enables them to enforce their prayers and they say that Rapé is the biggest healer. When somebody is sick the shaman would receive a Rapé and the Rapé would enable the shaman to heal the person.   

This product is an insence and not ment for ingestion. We don't claim that this product has any healing properties.

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