About Us

On our journey trough life we've encountered various treasures of Mother Earth, or Medicines of Pachamama, that are helping us and others on our healing path. Treasures that help us to connect more deeply with nature and our Selves. Trough this page we would like share some of these treasures with you.

Almost all our products are handmade by people that are walking the Earth with respect and gratitude for her with the intention for humanity to walk the Earth in a more peaceful and beautiful way. 

For the products coming from South America we see this page as a way for the Western world and the Indigenous people to meet and to exchange energy in a beneficial way for both sides. The Western world today is thirsty for and in need of connection with nature and the indigenous people today need financial means and information to be able to (re-)structure their lives within the new circumstances of connection with the West.

For the products coming from Europe we see this page as an encouragement to honour the medicines that the land here has to give. An encouragement to connect with our own roots and to recapture the indigenous wisdom that we have here as well.

For the Rapé medicine we decided to besides paying an honest price to the people making the medicine give 10% of the profit to a project to help indigenous people to maintain a sustainable and healthy way of living. Every year we will choose a project to support and will inform you about the project. 

May we walk in peace on this beautiful Earth.