We share here products that have helped us and our friends. We'd like to share them and share what they did for us, but we cannot guarantee that they will bring you the same. Using a medicine is a meeting between two spirits and this meeting will always be unique. Some medicines are not for all the people.

For all our remedies please inform yourselves well on how to use, we cannot take responsibility for any harm caused by the wrong use of any of our products.

All the information provided on this page we've received from people working with the products or comes from our own experience. We've written this down with care but we may have made mistakes. 

We do not claim to tell 'Truth', as do we not claim to know 'The Way', we just share here what has been beneficial for us and what we see as 'A Way' to work with nature. 

None of our products claim to heal any disease. Seek medical help at your doctor if you suffer from any disease that needs healing.