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Sananga is a medicine, made from the bark of the root of a plant called Apocynaceae. Sananga has various properties, it can help to heal the physical eye, improve eye sight, it can help to open the third eye and inner vision, it illuminates subconscious mind patterns, it can 'break' mental or emotional 'loops' and it is used to relieve headache.

How to use:

Like with all medicines it's good and beautiful to set your prayer and intention before using. Prepare a harmonious place and make your intentions. You can apply the Sananga either by dropping one drop in an open eye or you can drop in the inner corner of a closed eye to then open you eye. It's easiest to have somebody else to apply to you. You can be in any position that is comfortable. Once you've received the Sananga it will give a painful and burning feeling in your eye. This feeling will subside, depending on the strength of the Sananga in about 5- 15 minutes. Try to relax and keep breathing deeply. A good rhythm is to apply the Sananga once a day and do this for a max of three weeks to then have a break for at least a week. You can use it more then once a day, but then you should take a break earlier, not to irritate the eye. If you have a very strong Sananga it's better not to use daily but incidentally. When you use the Sananga more often the effect will be less painful after some time. Shake the bottle well before use and keep in the fridge. Important NOT to use Sananga while wearing lenses or when you have any damage on your eye.

Disclaimer: Sananga is not a substitute for western medical treatment, if you have a serious health imbalance or disease please consult your doctor or other appropriate professional. In the text above we share our own experience with Sananga but this does not give any guarantee for future use by others and has no scientific proof

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