Nukini Mint

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This Rapé is somehow different then all the others, but very beautiful, very good quality. Not too sharp but strong, with an unique aroma and a very nice consistency. Very pure with a freshness to it. Cleansing, aligning, opening and a calling into presence. They say that in the tradition of the Nukini tribe they use two unique plants which are considered their speciality, Shuané and Haianí, both are plants botanically not yet identified. Tobacco and Ashes (usually Tsunu) are blended with these two plants to make this rapé a very authentic one. The Amazonian mint that is added to this blend, makes it extra opening and awakening.

The Nukini tribe is a small community of several villages. They use rapé the same way most other tribes do, for clarity, healing, against stress, and in ceremonies with or without Ayahuasca. This tribe is not very well known but their high quality Rapé has been changing that. People appreciate it for its freshness, purity and its fine consistency. 

Disclaimer: Rapé is not a substitute for western medical treatment, if you have a serious health imbalance or disease please consult your doctor or other appropriate professional. In the text above we share our own experience with the Rapé but this does not give any guarantee for future use by others and has no scientific proof. 

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